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Our Team

Sean & Jim Carter


Sean and his father, Jim Carter, co-own the restaurant. They lived in coastal seafood havens such as Seattle and Vancouver so they really focus on the fruits of the sea, which are well represented on the menu.

A graduate of the Johnson & Wales University’s College of Culinary Arts in Providence, Rhode Island, Sean Carter has experience working in five-star eateries in Southern California.

His father’s business smarts come not only from being the former president of Village Inn, but also as a past owner of a chain of steakhouses and an Italian restaurant.

Today, the Carters have no plans to open more Perfect Landings but instead continue to work to create innovative menus, make renovations and make the landing as “perfect” as it can be.

Boogie Bob Headshot

Boogie Bob Olson

Piano Player

Boogie Bob studied piano with Gladys Kendall in Denver for eight years. He continued his studies at Colorado State College and the University of Denver.

He started playing professionally in 1960 at a coffee house called the Village located at 14th and Ogden in Denver. He was also writing music, playing in bands, teaching private piano lessons, doing solo piano and studio recording work.

He continues to play, write, record and teach music. He plays all styles of music including classical, blues, jazz, ragtime, rock, boogie, ballads, show tunes, and movie themes. His compositions include this same wide variety of music and are featured on his 10 solo CD’s and 7 CD’s with others. Thanks to lifelong friend, Robb Mayfield, he has posted 8 videos on YouTube. You can find these videos by searching YouTube for Boogie Bob Olson.